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Online Video Editor

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The Best Free Online Video Editor

KitsRun Online Video Editor is the best free online video editor that enables you to trim, cut, crop, rotate, and merge videos online, and export videos without the watermark. It is perfect for beginners as it is easy to operate and offers the most features you need for video creation.

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  • Powerful video editing tools: trim, crop, and merge
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How to Edit Videos Online?

  • 1. Upload the file

    Drag the file from your computer to KitsRun Online Video Editor, or click the upload button.

    Upload the file
  • 2. Edit the Video

    After entering the operation interface, select the features we provide to edit the video online.

    Edit the Video
  • 3. Save & Export

    Make sure you've done everything you need for the video, and click on the Export button.

    Save & Export

What Makes the Online Video Editor Perfect?

  • Cut Video Online

    This easy online video editor comes in handy when you want to cut a video file without registration. And it works on most popular browsers.

  • Crop & Rotate Video Freely

    With this tool, you can crop the video to the desired area, and flip the video vertically and horizontally by rotating your video 90, 180, or 270 degrees.

  • Trim Video Easily

    Using the trim feature of the online video editor, you can trim any part you don't want or shorten the video by removing the beginning/end of the video.

  • Popular Formats Supported

    The simple online video editor supports popular formats such as MP4, MOV, GIF, AVI, MKV, etc. So you won’t need any conversion tools to edit your files.

  • Add Captions And Subtitles

    You can adjust the text with the options provided, like the size, font, opacity, position, color, etc. Moreover, you can directly drag the text to the desired area.

  • Export Videos without Watermark

    You'll find that the watermark won't be added when exporting the video, as our free video editor will never automatically add watermarks against your will.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is the Online Video Editor free?

    The Online Video Editor is 100% free and it won't force you to sign up or install the software.

  • 2. What is the best free online video editor?

    KitsRun Online Video Editor is the best free online video editor because it supports many formats and provides various features for you to edit videos online. In addition, it is compatible with almost all platforms. And it offers great convenience, especially when you use different systems because you don't need to switch back and forth between different systems when editing videos online.

  • 3. How can I edit a video on my computer online?

    Firstly, drag or upload the video file to Free Video Editor from your computer. Secondly, edit the video with the features applied. And finally, export the video and save it as MP4, MOV, gif, etc.

  • 4. Why does the file upload fail?

    If the file upload fails, please check whether the file is damaged or the file is too large.

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Last updated: 2024-05-31

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