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About Us

KitsRun was founded in August 2022 with the mission of making handy multimedia file conversion tools accessible.

Our team comprises 23 professionals from technical, program management, and marketing backgrounds. Driven by passion, innovation, and efficiency, we strive to provide user-friendly and efficient file conversion tools for our users.

In 2023, we launched Premium Converter to help those who need to convert large files and those wanna convert multiple files in batches. Besides that, we also released a comprehensive set of free online tools, including video converter, audio converter, and image converter.

Actually, we are committed to continually enhancing users' experience at KitsRun. Currently, we are working on video compressor and image compressor as these features will improve the efficiency in editing, sharing and streaming, bringing a host of benefits to our valued users.

At KitsRun, we cherish every user's voice. If you wanna share insightful ideas or partner with us, please feel free to contact us.

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