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Online GIF to MP4 Converter

convert animated GIF to MP4 in high quality

Best Online GIF to MP4 Converter

Transform your favorite GIF into stunning MP4 video effortlessly with our best GIF to MP4 converter! It's 100% on the house and can convert files at rocket-fast speed without ruining quality. Access our converter anytime, anywhere - convert GIF to MP4 on any device and browser. Convenience at your fingertips! Ready to elevate your visual experience? Click now and witness the magic unfold!

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How to Convert GIF to MP4 Online?

  • 1. Upload the GIF File

    Simply drag your GIF files to the upload box.

    Upload the GIF File
  • 2. Select the MP4 Format

    Pick the MP4 format from the video format list.

    Select the MP4 Format
  • 3. Start the Conversion

    Tap the Convert button to convert GIF to MP4 directly.

    Start the Conversion

Details on GIF and MP4 File Formats

File extension
Description GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It's a type of image file that supports both static and animated images. GIFs are widely used on the internet for memes, reactions, and short animations due to their small file size and ability to loop endlessly.
Associated programs Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Paint
Microsoft PowerPoint
GIF Brewery
MIME Type image/gif
File extension
Description MP4 is a video format commonly used for storing video and audio, but it can also include other data, such as subtitles and still images. MP4 is a widely adopted format for streaming video online and is supported by a variety of devices and platforms.
Associated programs Windows Media Player
Apple QuickTime Player
VLC Media Player
MX Player
MIME Type video/MP4

The Outstanding Traits That Set Our Converter Apart

  • Online-Based Tool

    KitsRun GIF to MP4 online converter allows you to convert GIF file to MP4 online effortlessly. Merely visit our site on any browser and upload your GIF files. You'll get the MP4 video you want in seconds.

  • Free GIF to MP4 Converter

    Designed to be a free-to-use tool, our best free GIF file to MP4 converter enables you to turn GIF into video MP4 online at definitely no charge. Just enjoy a wonderful, cost-free image to video conversion here!

  • Supreme Quality Ensured

    Our best GIF to MP4 converter online tool serves as a quality-oriented tool, striving to provide you with the best video conversion experience to Convert GIF to MP4 in High Quality. Absolutely no quality loss!

  • Work with Utmost Efficiency

    Tired of waiting for ages to convert GIF to video in MP4 format? Say goodbye to slow conversions and hello to efficiency with our fast GIF to MP4 Converter. We convert files at lightning-fast speed without quality loss!

  • Convert GIF to Video Safely

    Our safe GIF-to-video converter guarantees a safe conversion process, prioritizing your file security. Your uploaded GIF files are treated with the utmost confidentiality. Just convert GIF to MP4 with ease here.

  • Watermark-Free Serivce

    With our online GIF to MP4 converter, you're in a position to turn GIF to MP4 videos online for free without a watermark added. Say goodbye to unwanted logos and enjoy a perfect image-to-video conversion!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I convert GIF to MP4?

    Converting GIF to MP4 is totally reasonable. MP4 files are a more efficient format for videos than GIFs. GIF images are limited in colors and often have larger file sizes, making them slower to load, especially on the web. Besides, MP4 is a widely supported format, ensuring better compatibility across devices and platforms. Therefore, try our free GIF to MP4 converter to make your GIF convert to MP4 online for more colors, smaller sizes, and better compatibility!

  • How to convert GIF to MP4 video online?

    Just resort to KitsRun GIF to MP4 converter, which is a fantastic tool that allows you to turn GIF into video in MP4 format online for free without downloading any program. Simply drag your GIF files here and click the Convert button. You will get the final video MP4 file in seconds!

  • Can I convert GIF to MP4 on Mac?

    With our online GIF to MP4 converter, you can convert GIF to MP4 videos not only on Mac but also on any other device you like, such as Windows, iPhone, and Android. It's totally free to use and convert files without losing quality at rocket-fast speed.

  • How to convert MP4 to GIF in high quality online?

    Looking for a powerful MP4 to GIF converter online tool to convert MP4 to GIF online in high quality? Just resort to our online free GIF converter, which enables you to convert from and to GIF files online for free without compromising any quality.

  • Is there a GIF to MP4 app to convert files in batch?

    Struggling to find a GIF to MP4 converter software to convert .gif to MP4 in batch? Our Premium Converter is definitely your best choice since it can convert files in batches without size limits while maintaining original quality. Besides, it supports more than 1,000 format conversions to satisfy all your needs!

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Last updated: 2024-05-28

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