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Online GIF to WebP Converter

Convert GIF to WebP with 3 Clicks

Best GIF to WebP Converter

Seeking a straightforward and dependable method to convert GIF to WebP online with no need to install software? You can embrace our GIF to WebP converter that comes as an easy-to-use tool, offering services to help people convert .gif to .webp with minimal effort. Even if you're a novice, fear not! What you only need to do is upload an image file, choose a format you need to convert, and click to start your conversion. Best of all, the tool is able to deliver remarkable output quality, which is an absolute boon for all users. Totally free to use! Get ready to get a seamless image conversion with our online image converter.

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How to Convert GIF to WebP Online?

  • 1. Upload GIF File

    Click the Upload button or drag GIF file to the page

    Upload GIF File
  • 2. Choose the WebP Format

    Select the WebP format from the list of image formats.

    Choose the WebP Format
  • 3. Start Converting

    Hit the Convert button to convert GIF to WebP format.

    Start Converting

Details on GIF and WebP File Formats

File extension
Description The Graphics Interchange Format, known as GIF, has become a widely embraced image file format. It offers support for both static visuals and captivating animations. By showcasing a series of images in rapid succession, GIFs create a compelling sense of movement and vitality. This unique animation feature can be use to convey emotions.
Associated programs Adobe Photoshop, GIMP
Piskel, Imgur
Giphy, SSuite
MIME Type Image/GIF
File extension
Description A GIF, or Graphics Interchange Format, is a popular image file format that supports both static and animated images. GIFs have the unique ability to display a sequence of images, creating the illusion of motion or animation. This animation feature makes them so widely used for expressing emotions, and showcasing products.
Associated programs GIMP, Adobe Photoshop
GraphicConverter, Paint.NET
Windows Photo Viewer, Microsoft Office 2010
MIME Type Image/WebP

The Extraordinary Features That Distinguish Our Converter

  • No Charge

    With the free tool, you have access to convert GIF to .webp online without the need to cost a dime. It is designed to make people obtain GIF to WebP image conversion free.

  • Impeccable Quality Ensured

    The well-recognized GIF to WebP converter shines in its capability that delivers superior outcome quality. It is literally a big feat for users who want to recreate imported image.

  • Convert GIF to WebP Easily

    Our GIF to WebP conversion tool significantly simplifies the conversion process, which requires a mere three simple clicks, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

  • Fast Conversion

    Employing top-tier technology, KitsRun GIF to WebP converter has the ability to complete image conversion tasks in just a matter of seconds. It is a time-saving tool.

  • Devices-Across Compatibility

    The versatile online GIF to WebP converter is able to complete image conversion on a wide range of devices, including personal computers, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Keep Output Clean

    Our GIF to WebP site is the top pick for those who intend to directly repurpose converted images for various aims because our tool doesn't add unwelcome watermarks to output.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I convert an animated GIF to WebP?

    You can use our powerful GIF to WebP converter that performs well in GIF to WebP conversion. Here are 3 steps.
    Step 1. Proceed to our site, and to import image files you want to convert to WebP, you should hit the Upload button or drag GIF file to the upload area.
    Step 2. Choose the WebP format as output format.
    Step 3. Click the Convert button to start conversion.

  • Can GIFs be converted to WebP?

    Certainly yes! GIF can be converted to WebP with KitsRun GIF to WebP converter that is a free online tool. Utilizing it, you can get GIFs converted to WebP format with supreme image quality.

  • What is the difference between WebP and GIF?

    In the matter of GIF vs WebP, WebP image offers the same quality in smaller file sizes. However, GIF files can support animation and enjoy wider browser support compared to WebP images. Based on your preference, you are free to convert GIF to WebP and vice versa. Our GIF to WebP converter comes in handy!

  • Why is my GIF not playing?

    It is possible that the GIF file is too large or incompatible with the software or platform you are using. In such cases, you can consider converting GIF to WebP format for a small size or converting GIF to other formats for better compatibility. KitsRun online free GIF to WebP converter is your prior option.

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Last updated: 2024-05-28

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